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If you ever heard about Grand Theft Auto franchise, you must have heard about GTA 4. And most probably you must have heard about GTA 4 Android. The original game is the 11th installment of the Grand Theft Auto series and was developed and published by Rockstar. First it was released for PS3 and Xbox360 in 2008 and then later, in December it was released for PC. In Grand Theft Auto IV we meet Niko Bellic, a foreigner that came to the United States to chase the American dream. His personality is a great description of people who want to have it both ways - he criticises the US by saying he doesn't support capitalism but on the other hand he wants to dream big. His friends and family, that we meet in the game as we progress through the story, are more optimistic about starting a new life in America.

As far as the introduction of the game goes, here is what is about to blow your mind. For years the game has only been available for computer and consoles. But today we would like to introduce you to GTA 4 Mobile. This port has been made with the support of the best Android and iOS programmers the internet has ever known and is compatible with literally any mobile device that has over 512 MB of RAM, which is close to any device on the market, even the older ones. On the top and the bottom of the website you will see GTA 4 Android Download and iOS as well. The game has been ported from A to Z, step by step from the PC version so it contains everything you would find in the original. The files are dynamically compressed to save you lots of memory on your phone or tablet and with that in mind GTA 4 for Mobile is the most optimized version of the game ever created for any platform. It also uses our GPU emulation engine that brings the PC experience to your phones and tablets. You will be amazed how mobile gaming can look right now.


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What was improved in GTA 4

You might be wondering about how to get GTA IV Android for your device and we are happy to tell you, cause it's super easy. The only thing you need is your phone or tablet with either Android or iOS operating system. With that in your hand you just go to the top or the bottom of this website and hit that big Download button that fits your operating system. The file will download straight to your device and you will be able to install GTA 4 Android or iOS. Remember to allow unknown sources in Android for the installation to proceed. Once installed, the game will be in your app list as any other app would. Simply run the game and see how our team of programmers made it possible to bring GTA 4 Mobile to the whole new level of gaming.

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In GTA 4 Mobile you will see a very complex and interesting plot and a brand new option to change the events by making choices. Remember that all your choices made in the game have consequences in the future. In GTA 4 you play in the third-person perspective and you are able to travel around Liberty City, which was based on New York by the way, either in a variety of vehicles or on foot. It earned $310 million dollars at the day of it's release setting a new record. It is considered one of the most influencial and significant games of the 7th generation of gaming. It was, in it's prime, called the best video game ever created and won several awards across the globe. In GTA 4 Android you will be able to play online with up to 31 other players in the party. In single player mode you will be able to progress through the story of Niko Bellic's life in Liberty City and you will find out a lot of interesting things about his past.

How to download GTA 4 Android

how to download GTA 4 android
  • Click that big Download button on our website to get the latest version of the GTA 4 Android Download
  • Transfer the file to your phone or tablet if you downloaded the installer on your computer
  • Run the GTA 4 for Mobile installer and allow unknown sources if you're on Android device
  • The game will take up to 2 minutes to install, depending on your connection and device speed
  • Once installed, find the game in your apps and run it
  • The game will download OBB + Data on it's first run and give you instructions about it's first launch on your mobile